One of Spain’s leading blues musicians, born in the North African enclave of Ceuta-Cadiz and based nowadays in Brooklyn, New York, Felix Slim is an entirely self-taught multi-instrumentalist and specializes in blues, ragtime and swing from the 1920s to 1940s.
Influenced by the Delta, Piedmont and Texas sound, Slim uses slide guitar, fingerpicking and standard and open tunings, and has played his dynamic versions of blues classics and original songs with echoes of flamenco, rebetiko and jazz manouche on seven albums and in over ten countries worldwide.
Expertly swapping between the harmonica and kazoo along with his unique singing voice complement each other, creating a fresh and distinctive yet true vintage sound. His ability to connect and involve the audience has developed a compelling live show, which combines the humor and warmth of his native Andalusia with the gritty reality of country blues.
In addition to these styles he plays electric guitar and sings in his own Felix Slim Blues Band, delivering a mix of 1950s and 1960s electric blues, swing, r&b and early soul/funk.
Throughout his career Felix has shared the stage and studio with a range of other renowned artists, such as Mingo Balaguer, Raimundo Amador, Bob Margolin, Bob Corritore, Gunhild Carling, David Langlois, Eddie C. Campbell, Antonio Serrano, Bob Stroger, Mayteana Morales, Tamar Korn, Kenny Wayne, Brandon Isaak, John del Toro Richardson, Wes Lee, Bobby Radcliff, Dave Riley, Victor Puertas, Binky Griptite, Tony Braunagel, Norman Jackson Band, Halle Tchoe and many others.
Mr. Slim has spent the last 20 years touring, recording and evolving an inimitable style. He has given clinics and master classes
bringing his music to venues and festivals to the United States, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, South Korea and Morocco.
In 2004 he moved to Greece for a couple of years and discovered what would become his second musical passion besides the blues , Rebetiko music and the three double strings Bouzouki. Years later he will create The Grekos, a rebetiko duo where Felix sings and play bouzouki accompanied by bass-rhythm guitarist Kiko Machuca.
In 2012 he had a role as a heckled blues musician in the independent movie “Las Aventuras de Lily Ojos de Gato”
In 2014 Felix represented the Barcelona Blues Society in the biggest gathering of blues acts in the world, the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge IBC, which takes place every year on Beale St in Memphis, TN.
In 2016 he moved to Brooklyn, NY and has become one of the most highly regarded blues musicians in the city, playing more than 200 shows in New York every year.
In 2017 and 2018 he returned to the International Blues Challenge representing the Hondarribia Blues Society, becoming a finalist two years in a row in such important event, which opened the gate to the U.S. blues scene, touring Europe in June and July, and performing in the Wheeling Heritage Blues Fest, WV in August and the 1st Seoul Blues Festival in South Korea in October, sharing the stage with the Norman Jackson Band and the best of the best of the Korean blues scene.
During 2019 Slim recorded his new album ‘Overseas Blues’ at Binky Griptite’s studio, toured Europe and the US several times, became Solo/Duo Winner in the Long Island Blues Challenge and Long Island Blues Society ambassador, along with Pamela Betti Band, in the IBC 2020.
2020 has been pretty good in terms of success so far:
-Felix appears in the famous Spain’s tv show ‘Un Pais Para Escucharlo’.
-Toured Spain and the US.
-Was filmed in a documentary about the IBC in Memphis.
-He recorded two songs with Korean blues star and friend Halle Tchoe at Ardent Studios in Memphis.
-Played on TV and a special concert with Halle and the Norman Jackson Band in Springfield, Missouri.
-International Blues Challenge 2020 #2 Winner & Lee Oskar Best Harmonica Award.
-Dabell Harmonicas endorsement.
– New Album “Overseas Blues” COMING SOON!!!!!!!!


Felix Slim One Man Band – Vintage Blues, Swing, Ragtime
Felix Slim: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Kazoo and Footstomp
Felix Slim and David Langlois – Vintage Blues, Swing, Ragtime
Felix Slim: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica and Kazoo
David Langlois: Washboard
Felix Slim Blues Band – Electric Blues, R&B, Early Soul/Funk
Felix Slim: Vocals, Electric Guitar and Harmonica
Stu Mahan: Bass
Anant Pradhan: Tenor Sax
Taylor Floreth: Drums
Mingo Balaguer & Felix Slim – Acoustic Blues
Mingo Balaguer: Vocals and Harmonica
Felix Slim: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
The Grekos – 1930s Rebetiko
Felix Slim: Vocals and Trichordo Bouzouki
Kiko Machuca: Rebetiko Guitar


Felix Slim – Better Alone 2008
Mingo Balaguer & Felix Slim – Live at the Basque Country 2009
Felix Slim – Gato Malo 2012
Felix Slim – Live at More Ona 2013
The Grekos – 14 Rebetiko Classics 2013
Felix Slim & The Hoodoo Men – The Hoodoo Men Groove 2014
Felix Slim – Midtown Blues 2014
Felix Slim – Overseas Blues  2020 – NEW ALBUM